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Panorama Wallpaper

West Vancouver, BC

"In designing our bathroom, we wanted to make the space appear larger and more open in addition to adding interest and depth, transporting the occupant to a peaceful, remote location with a sense of immersion and harmony with our home's woodland backdrop and stunning mountain views. Alex provided us with this breathtaking mountain photograph to be made into a panoramic wallpaper, and now our guests can fully appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the surrounding landscape in a relaxing and rejuvenating space."

Chris & Dolly Howard

Birthday Celebration

St. Gallen, Switzerland

"My 30th birthday party was very important to have photographed as friends and family I had not seen in a long while traveled far to celebrate with me. Alex not only gave me peace of mind but also provided high-quality, well-composed photos that beautifully captured the festivity. Thanks to Alex, these memories will be preserved and I can look back on them in the future and relive these special moments."

Kilian Schmück

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